I fell in love with you. I mean, I barely knew you but I loved you. I barely knew your touch yet your presence warmed my heart. I barely knew your voice yet your words resonated throughout my soul. I barely knew your smile yet you managed to bring the sun out at night. I barely knew you but I fell for you. You were different. You had this spark. This electric feel about you that was impossible to ignore. I could see it in your eyes, those God damn eyes, so I fell for you. I fell in love with how you made me feel; with how you made me believe in something bigger than myself.

Seperated by distance, I barely see him. But alas, he cared enough to visit me for my birthday. It was so surreal, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. The entire time I had this stupid looking grin on my face.
We ate at a restaurant and argued over who will pay. My throat has been sore for a couple of days and he noticed the rasp in my voice and my constant neck touching and coughing and he got me water without me having to ask.
We then went to my old elementary school and I rested my head in his lap as he played with my hair. His thumb kept stroking the nape of my neck. When we kissed it was the best thing I’ve ever felt; his arms around me and his face in my hands and our lips locked. He gave me one of his shirts, and I’m wearing it right now and inhaling it like crack cocaine.

This man, one who is larger than me in every single way (height, weight, shoe size, even his hair is longer than mine) makes me feel so safe. I don’t think I will ever meet anyone else who makes me so happy.

The look in his eyes when a song he likes starts to play is unmatched. The beauty in his face as it lights up when he gets passionate about a topic he enjoys. The soft touches that express what he cannot say with words, that’s him. He's not the impossibly tall, unaproachable and slightly scary looking guy. He's the most gentle, kind and forgiving man I've ever met. He is someone who makes me feel euphorically safe and comfortable around him and in my own skin. Someone who knows exactly how and where to hold me, touch me, kiss me. Someone who adores every inch of my body and admires my entire personality.

So yes, I am so incredibly in love. I am smitten, enamoured, head over heels, completely and utterly in love with this boy. He is the first and only person I have loved and somewhere deep down I know I will never find another love so deep and devoted and pure.

I love you, Ahmed. Have do and will. Thank you for being you.