I Heart My Friends

Hayden ♡ Trixie Lena
My longest relationship. He's absolutely lovedly and I couldn't have asked for someone better. My absolute clone. We've been inseperable since we saw each other on the first day of kindergarten. Nobody could even come close to being like us. My little ginger sweetheart ♡ Also my ex gf lol. We may be seperated by distance, but we sure make one hell of a team. Co-creator of my band, The Poors.
Hannah Basil Maya
My platonic girlfriend. She'll always have a special place in my heart. If we were straight, we'd definitely be dating. Lead guitarist in The Poors. Member of FAGP. Your local Car Seat Headrest fan. Cute band kid. Also my ex bf. Baritone player in The Poors. Member of FAGP. A newer friendship, but a real one nonetheless. They're one of the most caring and eccentric people I have ever met.

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